Friday, 28 November 2014

The Feedback Record - Get it, Log it, Use it!

The issue of storing or recoding feedback for use across modules emerged as one of the key themes of the Flexible Formative Feedback Project. While some departments provide support and resources to students to help them reflect on their feedback and apply it to future assignments, the project team felt that a more consistent and joined up way to record, reflect on and refer back to feedback was needed to support student learning across modules. 37% of our student respondents keep or file their feedback in some way, although many of those students conceded that they rarely refer back to it in the future. 

'I write it down, but mostly cannot take anything from it, especially from exam scripts because it tends to be very vague and not helpful for the future.’ (BMS, level 3)

‘I try to extract the useful bit, that is, specifically what to do to improve for next time: so, what I did wrong, how it was wrong, and how to do it right.’ (Aerospace, level 4) 

‘I read it to see what it says, but generally don't do much beyond that as my module is over and I will be tested on a totally different area.’ (English, PGT) 

‘When we receive group feedback it is usually difficult to transfer and apply into other areas of work.’ (Architecture, level 1) 

'I usually file it away. I would like to think I act upon it but usually I do not.’ (Medicine, level 3)

Explore our Feedback Portal and have a go at logging your feedback in the Feedback Record, a new online tool for reflecting on, recording, rating and referring back to feedback over the course of a university degree. Please let us know if you have any thoughts or comments on how to develop and improve the resources.

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