Monday, 18 November 2013

F3EDBACK door knocking adventures

Hi guys,

So here is a blog about our experiences door knocking around Endcliffe, Ranmoor and Opal! Last week, the team split up into pairs of 2 and we set off armed with a huge (tantalising) quantity of sweets and biscuits to help encourage first years to fill out the F3EDBACK survey and have some face to face discussions about first year feedback expectations. Aoife and myself went to Opal as we know there's quite a high representation of international students there and we want to make sure we get a diverse sample and a good representation of first year students. Although there weren't many students about as many had gone home for reading week, we got some great responses and had some interesting chats about the importance of having a good personal tutor, the difficulties with receiving helpful feedback from online tests and also the difficulties of receiving the right kind of feedback from science subjects. Lots of students also flagged up how difficult it can be to approach tutors having recieved low marks and poor feeedback, which can be disheartening!

Unfortunately we didn't meet that many international students, and we had to bear in mind the difficulty of reading a questionnaire and being asked questions in another language could be quite difficult! But the responses and discussions we had were well worth the trip. We were surprised at how many first years turned down the biscuits and sweets too! But don't worry- there's more of those (we saved them) for the stall this week in the union! Don't forget to come have a chat to us!! We'll be around all day Mon-Thur :-)


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