Friday, 8 November 2013

Welcome to the f3edback blog


Hello, and welcome to the F3edback blog!

I’m Aoife, a 3rd year Philosophy and Literature student, and a member of the SALT F3edback team. If you’ve never heard of SALT before, we’re basically a large team of students within the university working in collaboration with staff to improve on various elements of your learning and teaching experience. The F3 group have been given the task of improving feedback after students voiced a low satisfaction rate with the current feedback on offer.  If you’ve ever felt dissatisfied with your feedback here at Sheffield or wish to know how you can use your feedback to further benefit your degree then keep an eye on the work we’re doing around the union this month. You can check out our facebook and twitter pages, and don’t forget to keep reading the blog! It is our job to enhance the feedback you’re getting in every faculty and on every level, and we’re working hard to get it right so that you can make the most of your time here in Sheffield.
 So, who are we? We are a group of students just like yourselves who are employed by the university to help you with feedback. We’ve been working on the project for about five weeks now, and after some initial weeks of preparation you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of us around the university this November. Our priority at the moment is to get your opinions before we can make any changes, and right now we’re focusing on first year’s expectations of the feedback they will receive. We’ll be door knocking around Endcliffe next week so if we come to your door, be sure to say hello and have a chat, we’re friendly and we will have sweets and biscuits! We’ll also have a stall up in the union (hopefully with some homemade cakes) from the 18th to the 21st November where you can fill out a quick questionnaire or preferably talk to us and tell us what you really think. To conclude our feedforward month there will be two focus groups complete with pizza and cake on the 22nd and 29th November where we can really talk in depth with you about feedback. There’s a lot coming up but there’ll be reminders and updates on our facebook and twitter!

It is really important that you reflect on the issues that you have with feedback and get back to us because feedback makes a huge impact on your time at university. Engaging with your assessment feedback and talking to your personal tutors and lecturers will only result in confidence in yourself, confidence in your abilities for the next assessment and a more positive attitude towards your work. The more confidence you have in the work you’re doing here, the more you will take from your university experience. It really is in your best interest, so come chat to us and you will ultimately benefit, and get free pizza and cake!

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